What is Vastu Shastra?

It will not be wrong if we say Vastu Shastra is a perfect mixture of science, astrology and astronomy where we use traditional methods to build architecture. That’s why it is termed as ” science of architecture”. Vastu Shastra is a science of direction that combines the 5 basic elements of nature: air, water, earth, space and fire which balances the cosmic energy between the person and the building. Vastu helps in turning the house into a true home for a person and also enhanced health, wealth, happiness and prosperity to our life.

Vastu is a traditional system of architecture and building which brings harmony and eliminate negativity from our surroundings. Anyone who is going to buy a new home or going to start a new business will go for Vastu consultancy. People take Vastu advice and follow the Vastu principles for buildings to prosperity and harmony. Dwelling in a building that is not according to Vastu Shastra principles can lead to loss of money, physical illness or disorder, and in some cases untimely death of inhabitant or some near and dear ones.